Laura has training as an animator , though there isn't a whole lot she wouldn't be interested in doing that ties into art in some way - illustration, comics, concept art, games, Flash animation, backgrounds, prop design and construction, creature shop work, etc.

As an artist, Laura is flexible and capable of working in different styles and mediums as needed. She can work well both in groups as well as independantly. She work hard, see things to their end and make sure that what she does is the best that she is capable of. Laura is responsible, conscientious of keeping to deadlines.

Through the Tradigital Animation program, Laura has learned programs such as Adobe Premiere, and Adobe After Effects. She has some knowledge of Flash and she works with Adobe Photoshop on a regular basis. She also has training in Maya.

Laura is available for hire on a freelance basis for projects of any sort. Please contact her with your project for a quote.

  Freelance Artist
~ Various commissions for art and graphics for personal collections
~ Selling artwork through online auctions
~ Promoting art online via a website and online art galleries/archives


  Freelance Costumer
~ Some commissions for costumes for personal collections
~ Selling costume pieces through online auctions
~ Promoting costumes online via a website and online art galleries/archives


  T-Shirt Artist
~ Participating in several t-shirt design competition sites
~ Tee Fury - printed October 29, 2008 as part of collaborative effort for limited edition "Furyous Omnibus" t-shirt
~ Recycleatee - "Bad Kitty", "Stylized Leopard" and "Stylized Tiger" designs licensed to Recycleatee
~ RIPT Apparel - "Heart of Brass" design printed December 28, 2009
~ 5quid Ink - "Heart of Brass" design printed February 14, 2010
~ 604 Republic - "Heart of Brass" design licensed to 604 Republic for use on t-shirts and hoodies


  Contributing Artist
Fang, Claw & Steel
~ Artwork printed in issues #16, #19, #20, #21, #22, #23, #24
~ Final issue of zine published late 2006



  Artist and Illustrator
The End is Nigh (
~ Issue #1, Summer 2005. Made illustrations for an article
~ Issue #2, Winter 2005. Made illustrations for an article


  Logo Design
Ars Magicae (


  Independent Short Film - "Give A Dog A Bone"
Animated short film "Give A Dog A Bone" accepted to BiteTV for for airing. 1-year non-exclusive contract
~ Film created during November-December 2004. Total pre-production, production and post production time was six weeks
~ Produced and directed while at St. Clair College
~ Solo project - story, storyboards, character design, backgrounds, animation, digital ink and paint, compositing all done singlehandedly


May 2003-December 2003
  Graphic Artist/Item Designer (Unpaid)
NutrinoPets (
Site changed ownership and due to copyright reasons old graphics were to be changed. Item and graphic portfolio of artwork used on the original site available here.
~ Responsible for coming up with item ideas for virtual pet game site
~ Responsible for creating item images
~ Miscellaneous graphics


September 2003-2007
  St. Clair College | Windsor, ON
~ Received training in classical animation, experimental animation and computer animation
~ Completed Tradigital Animation program


Spring 2003
  Sault College | Sault Ste. Marie, ON
~ Online course, Introduction to Flash
~ 3.75 GPA received
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