Laura Whent
NutrinoPets Item/Graphic Portfolio

Items created while I was on staff at the original incarnation of NutrinoPets

Toys and Plush Items
      Dog Pull Toy Fox Fox Plushie Bratty Catty Beanie Canada Flag
    Canada Beaver Plushie Canada Goose Plushie Canada Moose Plushie Cooney Plushie Aqualung Plushie
    Dustie Plushie Dragnerok Plushie Heatwave Plushie Metawings Plushie Star Striped Eagle Plushie
    American Bear Plushie American Deer Plushie Yarn Cat Black Cat Plushie Eagle Plushie
    Tiger Plushie White Tiger Plushie Neko Doll Tanuki Doll Kitsune Doll


Food Items
      Vegetarian Sushi Bagel Green Tea Raspberry Green Tea Chai Tea
    Red Grapes Green Grapes Checker Cake Candy Corn Halloween Jelly Beans
    Peppermints Blueberries Amaretto Snack Sticks Berries and Cream Snack Sticks Cherry Snack Sticks
    Chocolate Snack Sticks Grape Snack Sticks Maple Snack Sticks Mint Snack Sticks Orange Snack Sticks
    Pineapple Snack Sticks Strawberry Kiwi Snack Sticks Strawberry Snack Sticks


      Skylites The Hunt History of Dragons Interpreting Glyphs Fanged Book


Weapons and Miscellaneous
      Stiletto Bokken Foxfire Staff Reaper Scythe jackolantren
    Fish Scale Magic Cod Magic Circle (click to enlarge) Poster Contest Trophy


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