Costume Pricing

Due to the highly custom nature of costumes and props, the prices listed here are to be considered base prices only. Pricing varies with materials used, complexity and labour involved. Please contact me with a detailed description of what you want done in order to get a quote for your project.

A lot of the work I do on a commission basis is toony or mascot-like. I am open to other types of costuming as well!

Please be aware that the prices DO NOT include shipping costs. All prices are in US dollars.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with my Terms of Service before ordering.

Full Suits

Full-body costume consisting of a body suit, head, hands, feet and tail.

Partial Suits

Costume consisting of a head, hand paws, foot paws and a tail. Worn with clothing.

Mascot Heads

Toony style or semi-realistic. Built on a balaclava base.

Mascot Head Bases

DIY unfurred head built on a balaclava base. Can be built to accomodate toony eyes or taxidermy eyes.

Hand paws

Hand paws are approximately elbow length by default. Choose four or five fingered.

Foot Paws

Indoor soles (furred bottoms) or outdoor parade soles (only available in black/dark grey), with or without claws.


Stationary wings which can be folded for storage. NOT cheap to ship!

Tails and Ears

Tails of any species can be done. The base prices for common ones are listed here.

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