Costuming Terms of Service

By sending payment for a project, you are are agreeing to abide by these Terms of Service.

Copyrighted/trademarked characters and concepts

I will create costumes (or costume pieces, mask bases, etc) based on an existing copyrighted or commercial character for personal use only, as “fan costumes” or “cosplay”, but not for commercial applications. For commercial applications, I will need explicit written permission from the creator, owner or company associated with that character. I reserve the right to decline to create a piece based on a particular character for any reason.

For characters and species made by individuals within a fan group, please respect the original creator's wishes and abide by their rules. I merely offer my services as a costumer and builder. It is up to the person paying me to create something for them to obtain the necessary permission to make a costume of the character or species.

Age limitations

In order to avoid legal complications, all clients must be over the age of 18. If under 18, your parent/legal guardian must conduct the transaction.


Any quotes I give are valid for 30 days. If a down payment is not received in this time frame, a new quote may be required, at my discretion.


While I pride myself in creating a well constructed product, these pieces are largely more like art pieces than anything else. They will show wear and tear in time as they are used. They are not designed for extensive acrobatics or abuse. This includes LARP activities, combat , use on rough terrain or any other physically stressful activity or conditions. If you need a costume for use as a mascot or similar, please inform me at the time of ordering so it can be built and quoted to appropriate specifications.

Timelines and Completion Dates

If you require your costume by a specific date, I will need to know at the time you have your down payment ready. I may or may not be able to complete your project in the needed timeframe and will let you know if it's possible at that time. In the case of tight completion deadlines, I reserve the right to charge additional fees ("rush fees").

Measurements and Duct Tape Dummies

Depending on the costuming project, accurate measurements may be required. When you ask for a quote, I will let you know what measurements I need in order to complete the project. In some cases I may require these measurements before finalizing the quote for your project.

For full suits and other whole-body costumes, I will need a duct tape dummy. The positioning I need for it to be in is with your arms out, away from your body and with your feet spaced approximately shoulder width apart.

Non-Refundable Deposit and Payment

A 30% NON-REFUNDABLE down payment will be required on all costume heads, partials and full suits. A monthly payment plan can be discussed for the remainder of the cost beyond the down payment.

Smaller projects (head bases, tails, hand or foot paws) will require either the whole payment up front or can be done in two payments, at my discretion.

No supplies will be purchased or work begun without receiving the down payment.

The entire amount for the project must be paid in full before I ship the finished project.

Payment is only taken by Paypal via invoice. Please provide your Paypal address when you place an order so an invoice can be sent. DO NOT send gift payments for goods and/or services, as this is breaking Paypal policy.


I provide a 60-day limited warranty on all workmanship and materials. If there is a problem due to my construction methods, I will repair it for free in this time frame. The client is responsible for shipping both ways.

The costume must be thoroughly cleaned before being sent in for repairs. Cleaning is not a craftsmanship issue and I am not a cleaning service. Endbac, Febreeze, Woolite and similar products can be used to clean your costume.

The warranty is voided if the costume is modified or altered by somebody other than myself, if the costume shows signs of abuse or other improper use, is soiled, smells or otherwise shows signs of not being properly cared for.

If for any sensible reason you dissatisfied with your project upon receipt (I reserve the right to decide whether the reason is sensible or not), I will accept returns within the 60 days and give credit toward a new project. If you want a refund, it will be given minus the non-refundable down payment and any applicable fees. In any circumstances in which the client wants a refund or credit, I will have to receive the project before they get the refund/credit. Returned projects must be in a like-new state when I receive them. If they are in poor condition, you may not receive a full refund. I reserve the right to sell any returned projects, whether as-is or with additional work done on them.

Shipment, Insurance and Duty Fees

Shipment paid for by the client and is not included in quotes for costumes. A shipping estimate can be given at the time of order, but the final shipping quote will not be available until after the project is completed and may differ from the estimate.

Shipment is by USPS. Shipping options and costs will be given to all clients based on location. All US shipments will include delivery confirmation. Insurance will also be included on larger items.

For international buyers, options for shipment (including insurance and registered mail, if desired) will be given based on location. Tracking may or may not be available, depending on your country and chosen shipping method.

Please be aware that if you are outside the US, that duty fees may apply. I have nothing to do with these and have no control over them. You may have to pay them before your post office will release your package to you. Please be familiar with your country's importing laws before ordering and take any potential duty fees into consideration. Under no circumstances will I falsify Customs documents by either marking the goods as a gift or devalue them in order to circumvent potential duty fees.

Cancellations and Alterations

The client may cancel the commission at any time. If the client cancels, they will receive a refund, minus the non-refundable down payment and the value of work already completed, as determined by me. They will also receive the project as-is at the time of cancellation if they so desire. I reserve the right to sell the work that was started if the client does not want it. If I sell a project abandoned by a client, the remainder of the money initially kept to cover work already completed will be refunded to the original commissioner if the project is sold for a comparable price. In no case will the down payment be returned in the event that the client cancels.

I reserve the right to cancel the project if the client becomes rude, unresponsive or otherwise difficult to deal with. A refund will be issued, taking into consideration the circumstances and how much of the project had been completed.

Once the project is in progress, including purchase of materials for the project, the design can not be altered.


In the process of creating your project, I may make elements that can be used in other projects. This includes molds for noses, teeth, horns, etc. If you do not want any element of your costume reused, terms can be discussed and an additional fee will be assessed.

Liability Disclaimer

I am not responsible for any bodily harm that may come to you by wearing or using a project made by me. This includes, but is not limited to, heat stroke and injuries resulting from decreased vision or from construction malfunction.

It is strongly advised that you check your costume before use for any potential hazards and correct them before wearing. Take precautions when wearing your costume. Always have a spotter or handler around, especially in crowded situations. Always be sure you drink enough water to prevent dehydration, take breaks and know your limitations.

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