Gryphon - fore of an eagle, hind of a lion

It's been a goal of mine to eventually make a gryphon costume - and it seemed fitting to do it while I'm still at college as my college's mascot is the gryphon. So this is the year I decided to go ahead with it.

The big obstacle was the fact that I couldn't afford to drop a lot of money on my costume this year. The idea popped into my head to make a metallic gryphon, using cut pop cans in place of the fur usually used in costumes. After testing it to be sure that the edges wouldn't be sharp, I decided to go ahead with it. Because the pop cans are essentially free, the costume was very cheap to make.

Due to time contraints, the grand idea that this costume started out as didn't come to be. It's currently just a partial, consisting of a head, tail and hands (and the hands will be redone at some point). These pieces were done in only eight days.

I hope to eventually make this a full-body costume.


Mask Pictures

Campus Halloween Bash October 27, 2005
A big thank you to Jamie and Phil for taking these pictures.

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